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The Smart Solution for Efficient Teamwork

Professional yet simple data management, dynamic content management and navigation using the house approaceh are the recipe for hyperManager's unbeatable efficiency and practical orientation. Immerse yourself in this unique mixture.


Professional data management

hypermanager abstrakt systemoberfläche.png

In our daily work, we are constantly dealing with structured data - whether in tasks, meetings, content or the storage of knowledge.


hyperManager supports these and countless other tasks with a convincing data management system worthy of the name.

hyperManager's data management offers this and more: 

  • the ability to structure data records hierarchically

  • the ability to remove this structure  

  • dynamic content management, as described below 

  • the professional, transparent and flexible filter functions 

  • the two-window technology, which enables integrated and efficient work 


Most application areas make use of hyperManager's professional data management.

Dynamisches Contenet

Dynamic Content Management


Theodor Märki

Senior Project Manager 

Grid & Hydro Engineering Division

"resSolution reliably supports us in resource planning and controlling personnel requirements, thus contributing to the company's success."

Inhalte (Content) entstehen in sämtlichen Bereichen von Unternehmen und Organisationen – bei der Produktentwicklung, im Marketing in Organisationsprojekten oder in der Geschäftsleitung, die ihre Strategie

Content is created in all areas of companies and organizations - in product development, in marketing, in organizational projects or in the management developing its strategy. Such content was previously developed using Word or comparable word processing systems. The result is countless documents that are stored in nested file directories. Accessing the required documents is cumbersome and laborious.


Enterprise content management systems, in which content is entered directly in the browser, are not a convincing answer to this challenge. Managing content is just as cumbersome as managing physical text documents.  


hyperManager relies on the new approach of dynamic content management. With DyCoS - Dynamic Content Management System - the disadvantages of rigid content pages or static wikis can be eliminated. DyCoS offers the possibility of developing and providing content in an open and hierarchically structured list of content elements. The freely configurable database allows practically unlimited possibilities for composing, filtering and sorting content as well as for efficient content searches.

hypermanager- systemoberfläche

The content elements can also be combined to form an integral whole.

The gain in transparency and efficiency of this approach is overwhelming. Concept work is carried out with unparalleled ease. And it's not just content management that benefits; numerous other applications also profit from the capabilities of dynamic content management. Knowledge management, task management and meeting management are just a few of them. 


Here are examples of applications on the live platform: 

Corporate strategy integrally displayed

Hauskonzept hM

The house-Concept

Do your developers need something different from the marketing team? And the management anyway? No problem. With hyperManager, each user group, indeed each individual user, gets exactly what they need. Common features are shared, specific features are only offered where they are relevant. With the house model, hyperManager serves all stakeholder groups with pinpoint accuracy.

hyperManager haus-02.png

The navigation is so simple that it works from second grade - reading ability is sufficient. Try it out for yourself on the live platform

Further innovative functions / highlights

The hierarchical pre-filter 

The impressive hyperManager filter principle ensures that users see exactly what they need at the moment. With just one click. 

More ...


Link management 

Hyperlinks - including multiple hyperlinks - on each element take the user precisely to any location within hyperManager, in your system landscape or to the Internet. 

More ...

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