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The Smart Solution for Efficient Teamwork

hyperManager with DyCoS -
Dynamic Content Management System

Have you also wondered if there aren't more efficient ways to create and share concepts than opening isolated Word documents and saving them individually? Some companies now use wiki systems for this purpose. At Scheuring, we are convinced that this way does not lead to the goal either. We have accepted the challenge and are taking a fundamentally different path.

Logo hM mit DyCoS-transparent - resSolution by scheuring

Get to know DyCoS - Dynamic Content Management System here and on the demo platform. We see it as a breakthrough in the creation and management of content - of concepts, reports and content of any kind that you want to manage efficiently.

Content Management

If you are looking for more efficient solutions in the following areas, then you should take a closer look at hyperManager with DyCoS: 

  • A professional task management 

  • Efficient access to documents and web addresses  

  • A practice-oriented knowledge management 

  • The creation of concepts with more modern means than isolated text documents 

  • The access to a common pool of slides for addressee-oriented slide presentations

Nutzenpotenzial_hM mit DyCoS - resSolution by scheuring
Arbeitseffizien-DyCoS - resSolution by scheuring

Link Management

hyperManager with DyCoS leads to a significant increase in the work efficiency of individuals and teams.  You achieve a new dimension of transparency in the organization. Numerous tasks, for which you previously had to access different systems with different logic, can now be solved with a single application.

Data Management

If you use Microsoft Teams - as we do at Scheuring - this is absolutely no reason to do without hyperManager. We speak from our several years of experience with this configuration.  With hyperManager, you will also be able to retire several of your existing applications at once.

Teams-DyCos - resSolution by scheuring
Tagebuch-DyCoS - resSolution by scheuring

Get an insight into the possibilities and advantages of hyperManager with DyCos on the demo platform. Choose here between the factual-structured approach and the more emotional approach with Anna's diary.

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