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The Smart Solution for Efficient Teamwork

The applications

hyperManager provides outstanding support for the "Big Four" of work management - tasks, meetings, content and knowledge. However, the areas of application extend far beyond this.

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Task Management 

Thanks to its extensive database functions, hyperManager is predestined for professional task management like no other system. Realize your comprehensive task management for all your tasks, including projects. No matter whether you are a small team or want to support a larger organizational unit with very different tasks.

By the way: If you're not really getting to grips with the Kanban board, you're in good company. Read this column by Heinz Scheuring in Swiss IT Magazine.


Content Management

Are you still creating concepts with Word? That works better! 


hyperManager with DyCoS - Dynamic Content Management System is perfect for developing and editing content and concepts. Whether in marketing, reporting, organizational projects or strategy development - hyperManager's innovative approach provides outstanding support for these tasks.


Meeting Management

Be honest: there is still room for improvement everywhere when it comes to planning, conducting and evaluating meetings. 


There are plenty of offers and advice on how to optimize meetings. Some of this should be kept in mind. Here, however, we are focusing on software support, which can make a significant contribution to successful meeting management. 


Scheuring used to manage development and marketing meetings in the conventional way. This has changed radically with dynamic content management: Every meeting is now in view at the click of a button. With agenda items, notes, decisions made and resulting measures. Meetings are not managed in individual pages (= silos), but can be accessed and evaluated consistently. The gain in transparency and efficiency is impressive.


Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is and remains a challenging topic. Tools can provide useful support here, but the challenge lies in the processes and, above all, the corporate culture. 


This is precisely why what can be supported with technology must be as simple and practice-oriented as possible. Knowledge must be accessible to employees easily, directly and with minimal time expenditure and its maintenance must be as simple as possible.


Enterprise wiki systems are not the best solution for this. This ultimately results in isolated pages that can be linked and searched. However, support with professional data management, as offered by hyperManager in conjunction with dynamic content management, is more efficient. 


In addition to the flexibly structured knowledge database, hyperManager also offers the option of using highly structured link farms.

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weitere anwendungen

Other possible applications

In addition to these "Big Four", hyperManager is suitable for numerous other areas of application. Here are a few examples:

  • Internal information / "bulletin board"

  • Management of processes and checklists 

  • Flexible management of presentation slides 

  • the development of corporate strategy 

  • Management of requirements / epics and stories in software development   

  • Use as a CRM system for managing and controlling addresses and contacts 

  • Marketing activities, such as media planning or marketing campaigns


Project and project portfolio management

Planning and controlling projects, balancing human resources across all projects or monitoring and optimizing the project portfolio in all its facets - hardly any other system masters these tasks as practically and convincingly as resSolution. 


resSolution can be fully combined with the hyperManager functions. 


You can find out everything else on this website here.

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