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The Smart Solution for Efficient Teamwork

SAMM - Work Management

AMM stands for Software-oriented Work Management Model. The concept developed by Scheuring makes it easy to uncover efficiency potential - regardless of which systems you are using. It is the first step on the way to more effective work management.

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Intelligent "work management" has become so central in our networked, digital world that it deserves a discipline in its own right. We are dedicating an entire specialist book to the topic. The management of one's own work and that of the team particularly affects all those who do not perform purely routine tasks.


With this model, we take a holistic view of software-supported work in companies and organizations. The model serves to critically scrutinize, sensibly regulate and further develop the everyday challenges of work and, in particular, collaboration. Let it inspire you. You can find out the details here.

SAMM in conjunction with hyperManager

hyperManager does not support all of the 15 components of the SAMM model. However, as the following illustration shows, it does support the majority of them.

Darstellung SAMM mit hM.png

SAMM - The book

In his book, Heinz Scheuring presents the SAMM model and what hyperManager can contribute to efficient work management in detail.



Order the PDF version free of charge.

SAMM-Model das Buch
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