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That's How Resource Planning Works Using resSolution

Resource planning

Resource planning is one of the central management tasks. And it is considered the supreme discipline of project portfolio management. With resSolution you avoid bottlenecks or overcapacities and set the right project priorities. The software sets standards in the field of resource management. 


With resSolution's informative workload diagrams you are always in the picture: loads and available capacities of employees, teams or entire departments are available at the click of a mouse.


Resource planning in the matrix situation requires an intelligent cooperation of project and line. The line organization plays the leading role.

With the concept of two worlds resSolution perfectly supports the work of project managers and line managers. Planning takes place close to each other, while both retain their planning sovereignty.

With the resSolution cube model, you navigate effortlessly between the meaningful tabular views:

  • Central Table: workloads for projects and employees at a glance

  • Resource sheet: insight into the resource planning of an employee or team  

  • Load table: View of the project with all involved resources 

Praxisgerächte Ressourcenplanung_EN.png

This is what we mean by practical resource planning: For each workload, the software offers you the option 

  • to automatically distribute the effort between the start and end of the project

  • to allocate it between individually set deadlines (semi-automatic)

  • or to enter the values for each manual time period – in time resolution from days to years

The video demonstrates this enormous flexibility of the software.

resSolution supports capacity planning and resource management professionally and practically like no other system. This advantage is due to the concept of two worlds. With this, project managers and line managers work closely together without interfering with each other's work.

You can get an online insight into the software with the different views on the resSolution demo platform.

In our dynamic and project-driven world, the correct dimensioning and control of human resources is a central factor for corporate success. It is worthwhile to systematically deal with the basics of this topic. 

In this article, we take an in-depth look at this challenging management topic, multi-project resource planning. 


Learn about the challenges of successful resource management and which solutions are effective in practice. Including further possibilities for consolidation.

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