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Project/portfolio & resource management

Transparent project portfolio management and effective resource planning are part of modern management. The resSolution concept and software are optimally geared towards these tasks. For over 25 years, resSolution has enabled countless companies and organizations to plan the deployment of their human resources with foresight, optimally manage their project portfolio and thus optimize the success of projects.


In addition, project managers find in resSolution the tool that makes their work easier than with conventional project planning tools. The concept and functions show how this can be achieved.

What we do differently

Since the beginnings of resSolution in 1995, Scheuring has represented the concept of two worlds with great commitment and success. The project manager retains the independence he needs for efficient, flexible and customer-oriented planning. Resource planning takes place at a rough project level as part of project portfolio management and as a core task of line management.

Coordination between project managers and line managers is primarily a communicative task. This can be supported with the innovative resSolution concept of soft integration. 

Software functions closer to practice

Whether you are a line manager, project manager or controller - with its wide range of functions, resSolution fully meets the needs of all stakeholders. The system offers all functions for planning and managing projects, project portfolios and resources.

Planning and controlling human resources correctly is one of the central challenges of modern management. With resSolution you avoid bottlenecks or overcapacities and set project priorities correctly.

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resSolution offers a very efficient integrated time tracking function. Worked hours and project efforts can be recorded with minimal effort. Or you import them from your existing time tracking system into resSolution. 

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Do you want to plan, monitor and control your projects professionally? In resSolution you can evaluate all project data across all levels of the project and organizational structure.

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With resSolution you plan and track resource costs as well as all other costs. This makes the system the central controlling tool for the management

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You plan and control your project portfolios and programs effortlessly with resSolution. You evaluate your projects with the appropriate criteria and weightings so that you set the right project priorities.

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With resSolution, detailed project planning is integrated into the project portfolio. Project managers and line managers retain the degree of freedom that guarantees efficient work.

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resSolution is equipped with the comprehensive information and data management functions of hyperManager. We also offer hyperManager as a stand-alone solution.

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