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Using the Project Portfolio to Manage Corporate Success

Project portfolio management

Project portfolio management is not exclusive to large corporations. Every company and every larger organizational unit plans and implements several projects that must be managed as a whole. Ultimately, it is about nothing less than ensuring the long-term success of the company.

Project portfolio management makes it possible to put corporate strategy into practice by means of goal-oriented initiatives, programs and projects. The methods to achieve this are: broad-based idea management, systematic evaluation of ideas and projects, planning and control of the project portfolio - including consistent resource management - and sophisticated controlling of all ongoing projects.

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resSolution supports you in setting the right course and maintaining transparency over the project portfolio.  With resSolution, you can plan and control project portfolios and programs using traffic light functions, freely configurable data fields and prepared management reports. Capture the project portfolio at a glance using the Gantt chart or meaningful tables. Structure your set of projects into multiple portfolios if required. With the powerful filter function, you can also integrate your project idea management easily.

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Evaluate the projects with the appropriate criteria and weightings so that you set the right project priorities. 

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