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Project Controlling - Focused and Efficient

In controlling, a distinction must be made between the planning and control of effort values (such as man-days) and cost controlling. For a successful project and project portfolio management both levels are indispensable. In some cases, it is also necessary to control revenues or cash flows. resSolution supports all dimensions of controlling both professionally and pragmatically – with a focus on immediate business benefits.


Effort controlling


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If you would like to plan, monitor and control your projects professionally, you will need the following values:

  • Budget : the originally planned, approved expenditure value

  • Actual : the total of the effective expenses incurred up to the reporting period (green)

  • Remaining : the effort required to complete the work taking into account a realistic estimate  

  • Forecast : sum of actual and remaining effort

  • Deviation : the difference between the budget value and the forecast  

You can evaluate this data in resSolution across all levels of the project and organizational structure. The desired views can be configured extremely flexibly.

Project cost controlling

resSolution-funktionene_Projekt-Kosten-Contolling - resSolution by scheuring

resSolution supports you in planning and tracking resource costs as well as all other costs.

The cost rates can be differentiated for each employee and each individual project.

Also the other costs like material, services or licenses can be planned and tracked precisely on the time axis. This system thus enables differentiated project cost management as well as comprehensive investment planning and control across all projects. The connection to your ERP system establishes the link with your finance and accounting system.

resSolution thus becomes the central controlling tool for the management.

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