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funktionenfunktionen-ressolution by scheuring - resSolution by scheuring

The Smart Solution for
Efficient Teamwork

Teamwork and information management

resSolution is equipped with the comprehensive information and data management functions of hyperManager. The possibilities thus extend far beyond project and project portfolio management.

With the hyperManager functions, you can access documents in a flash, manage your to-dos and contacts in the team as well as across the board. You document processes, meeting results or news and share knowledge. This applies to both projects and ongoing business.

contentmanagement-teamarbeit-ressourcenplanung - resSolution by scheuring

Content Management

hyperManager is also a content management system. Open and edit HTML pages for your intranet (see picture). Document meeting results and project news, or integrate frequently used internal or external websites directly.

linkmanagement-reamarbeit-ressourcenplanung - resSolution by scheuring

Link Management

Set up electronic cockpits for all relevant documents. Make access to all important project information and project documents a breeze.


The Scheuring MetaLink connects the working document with knowledge and help information by means of a right-click. This promotes both work efficiency and its quality.

datenmanagement_teamarbeit_ressourcenplanung - resSolution by scheuring

Data Management

Manage your structured data with an unlimited number of data applications.

Replace your Excel lists, cumbersome database applications and stand-alone solutions with web-based access to clear, structured applications for task management, access to project knowledge, project journals, managing project changes, capturing and assessing project risks, stakeholder management, mapping processes, managing address lists and customer contacts, for supporting project checklists and much more.
Use the almost unlimited flexibility to create data fields, define views and reports and link them with filters. The hyperManager functions open up a new dimension of data management.

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