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Planning for the Project Manager - Simple and Efficient

Project planning

Over-integrated systems tightly coupling detailed project planning with project portfolio management do not prove their worth in practice. This is especially true when multi-project resource planning is to be included.

Project detail planning and project portfolio management usually lie in different areas of responsibility. In line with our concept of two worlds, it is logical to intelligently "soft-couple" the two tasks.

Wir haben Microsoft Project durch die Detailplanungsfunktionen von resSolution ersetzt. Die Planung mit resSolution ist nicht nur einfacher, sie führt auch das Projektportfolio-Management und die Projektplanung viel näher zusammen. Die Abstimmung zwischen Projektleitern und dem Linienmanagement funktioniert seither wesentlich besser.

Philipp Keller-Rota,  

SAP Senior Consultant Logistics,

BKW Energie AG

Gantt_Detailplanung_projektplanung - resSolution by scheuring
6.39- Weiche Integration der zwei Welten_EN.png

Some companies wish to support these two worlds using independent systems. This may be appropriate depending on the company organization and projects. However, a closer link between these levels can be useful. This can effectively support the coordination process between project managers, line managers and the Project Management Office PMO.

resSolution offers as exclusivity exactly this approach: The detailed planning of the projects can take place integrated in the project portfolio. According to the concept of two worlds, the project manager retains the degree of freedom he needs for efficient and practical planning. If he makes changes to his detailed planning (blue level), the higher-level resource planning (red level) is not destroyed. The coordination between the different players is mainly communicative. Discrepancies between the detailed planning and the resource planning become immediately apparent and can be corrected. This high flexibility is one of the recipes for success of resSolution.

multiprojekttask_projektplanung - resSolution by scheuring

If the project planning for all projects is done with resSolution, a multi-project task management can be supported: Employees receive their complete task list for all projects with one mouse click. This way you realize an integral and seamless management of all tasks of employees and entire organizations. Regardless of whether in a conventional or agile environment.

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