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Thank you for your registration and interest in resSolution.

You will shortly receive a confirmation by email.  

We will contact you by email within 24 hours with a confirmation of the date and further information on the event and the course of the presentation. 

If you like, you are welcome to take a closer look at resSolution before the presentation. 
The following options are suitable for this purpose:


Falls Sie es nicht bereits gesehen haben - das Video zum Konzept und zur Software bietet einen wertvollen ersten Einblick. Das sind sechs gut investierte Minuten.

The book 

In the reference book Radical Business Software you will learn what the high benefit of resSolution is based on. Heinz Scheuring explains what constitutes benefit-centered software and how resSolution is designed. Order the free PDF version of the book here.

Technical papers for download

resSolution is much more than just a tool. The outstanding benefit of the system results from an intelligent conception, which is based on a lot of experience. Convince yourself of this by reading the numerous technical articles and publications.

Media / blog & social media
On our  Blog  or  LinkedIn platform  we provide information 2-3 times a month about topics related to project management, project portfolio management and exciting events on these topics. Furthermore, about our Scheuring products and product innovations.

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The project management textbook  The www key to project management  by Heinz Scheuring is already available in the 7th edition. It provides project managers, line managers and project portfolio managers with practical - including many new - methods and recommendations for efficient project management and project portfolio management. The book is continued and deepened on the web. 

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